Google Voice is changing on May 15, 2014, and, so will this blog.


The whole point of this blog was to help Canadians use Google Voice to reduce their communications expense, while using their cell phone or an Obi ATA, by making free calls on Google Voice. But, after May 15, 2014, the Google Voice option, in it’s present form, will no longer be available to anyone, USA residents included.

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How to setup a $2.80 Anveo Internet phone number, step-by-step…

On the web, people often mention that the Anveo website is confusing or intimidating – this is because the Anveo product is targeted towards businesses who wish to replace their entire phone system with a VoIP solution with a hosted PBX with a zillion features.

Anveo also offers a great residential product – the problem is that both the ‘simple residential product’ and the ‘fancy pants business product’ are offered through the same website!

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“Tweaking” your Canadian cellphone plan so that you can use the “Voice+” callback app…

To save real money on your cell phone plan, you must use the “Voice+” app on your Android phone, or, an equivalent app on a iPhone. But, most importantly, you must have some way to receive ‘unlimited’ incoming calls, even from the USA. Some cell companies only allow ‘unlimited’ incoming calls originating from phone numbers in Canada, here is a way around this limitation…

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