What is an Analog-Telephone-Adapter (ATA)?

A regular telephone uses ‘Analog’ technology to transmit your voice.

But, the Internet only uses ‘Digital’ technology.

An ‘Analog-Telephone-Adapter’ converts your ‘Analog’ conversion into a ‘Digital’ conversion so that you can use your regular telephone to talk over the Internet.

By the way, there are such things as ‘Internet telephones’ which do not require an ATA because they transmit your conversation using ‘Digital’ technology.

Here is a picture of an “Obi 110″ ATA manufactured by Ohihai Technologies:


How to setup a $2.80 Anveo Internet phone number, step-by-step…

On the web, people often mention that the Anveo website is confusing or intimidating – this is because the Anveo product is targeted towards businesses who wish to replace their entire phone system with a VoIP solution with a hosted PBX that has a zillion features.

Anveo also offers a great residential product – the problem is that both the ‘simple residential product’ and the ‘fancy pants business product’ are offered through the same website!

This tutorial will show you how simple it really is to set up an Anveo account and an Internet phone number for residential use. Continue reading