What is an Analog-Telephone-Adapter (ATA)?

A regular telephone uses ‘Analog’ technology to transmit your voice.

The Internet only uses ‘Digital’ technology.

An ‘Analog-Telephone-Adapter’ converts your ‘Analog’ conversion into a ‘Digital’ conversion.  This allows you can use your regular telephone to talk over the Internet. There is no need to purchase a “VoIP” type telephone. “Internet telephones”(aka: VoIP telephones) do not require an ATA because they transmit your conversation using ‘Digital’ technology.

NB: To make high quality phone calls over the Internet you must have a high quality Internet service.  A minimum upload speed of 0.700 GB (700 kbps) is required. Satellite Internet does not support high quality voice calls, regardless of it’s upload speed. This is  due to the distances involved. It will work but you may notice a delay. This delay is called ‘latency’.

Here is a picture of an “Obi 110” ATA manufactured by Ohihai Technologies:

ATA Analog-Telephone-Adapter

ATA Analog-Telephone-Adapter


Click here to see a short YouTube Video of the OBi-110 in action.

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