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As do many people, I have been using Ookla to test the upload & download speed of my internet connection. The only problem with it is that you have to initiate the test manually. There’s a better way…Testmy.net allows you to automatically test the upload & download speeds of your internet connection every so-many minutes for so-many times. For instance, you can run the speed test every 15 minutes, 100 times. This example means that you will test the speeds that you are receiving from your internet provider over a period of 6.25 hours, at 15 minute intervals.

Here is a screen shot of how I set up this test:

  1. Create an Account, it’s free.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click “Auto Test:




The key thing to remember is that you must not close your web browser or the tab in which the test is running – that will stop the test.  Just browse the web in other tabs.

At any time you can view your test results by clicking (you guessed it!) “Results”. Your results are stored so that you can run the tests over and over to see a graphic trend of your upload & download speeds over days, weeks, months…

So, what’s the point, you say!

In my case, I was paying for 2.5 Mbps down & .384 Mbps up, but, I was only getting about .750 Mbps down & .125 up! My provider said that I was wrong because every time they checked my speeds, from their office, I was getting what I paid for. I knew that I wasn’t. Long story short, I ran the Testmy.net tests for a couple of days, exported the results to a spread sheet and sent it to the ‘Support’ guy at my provider.

Guess what, the ‘Support’ guy said: “Huston, we’ve got a problem!” Over the next few days he requested that I send him my results while he tweaked what ever Support guys tweak – within 5 days I was getting the speeds that I was paying for.

And, they all live happily ever after…

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