FreePhoneLine “VoIP Unlock Key” set up on an OBI…

We were having trouble setting up FreePhoneLine, using their “VoIP Unlock Key”, on an OBI 110 until we received an answer to our support ticket.

This post provides the instructions that we received from FreePhoneLine and it worked just fine…


The following assumes:

  1. You are using an OBI 100 or OBI 110 but it may help when setting up other OBI models.
  2. You have your ObiTalk account set up.
  3. You have signed up for FreePhoneLine account
  4. You have purchased the FreePhoneLine “VoIP Unlock Key

Step # 1:

Reset your OBI to the “Factory Defaults” by following this link.

Step # 2:

Set up your OBI by following this guide.

Now you must, at least I did, power off your router/modem and OBI and then restart the router/modem and then, the OBI, in that order. When you restart the router/modem, wait a few minutes until it is fully restarted before you restart the OBI.

Restarting the router/modem and then the OBI (in that order) seems to be the critical missing step in the instructions that FreePhoneLine omitted from their tutorial. I just could not get my setup to work until I did this. Once done, it worked fine.




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