Setup Service: Google Voice & Obi

You can set up a Google Voice phone number yourself by following the tutorials on this site or other sites that you can find on the web.

However, if you would like, I can set up a Google Voice account & phone number for you – $10.00 CDN

  • I will set up a separate Gmail account for you.
  • I will set up a Google Voice account (attached to your new Gmail account) and it’s US phone number – Google only permits the use of US phone numbers.
  • I will test that it works properly.
  • I will provide you with the user name and password used.
  • I will provide you with detailed instructions so that you can change the password to your own password etc.
  • I will support you by email, phone and/or TeamViewer, until you are satisfied.

How you will pay for my service:

  • By “Interac e-Transfer” as per the directions that I will provide

How to get started:

  • Send an email to me at requesting my service.

You can call me if you wish at: 1 (877) 717-1762 (Toll-free) between 8:00 am & 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time please. 🙂

Please use the “Leave a Reply” section below for general questions as both the question and the answer may help others. 🙂

14 Responses to Setup Service: Google Voice & Obi

  1. Luke says:

    Hi Rob, what solution would you recommend to a Canadian moving to Mexico for a while? I’d love to keep my Canadian mobile number, which would ring me either through Skype or Hangouts; is this possible without having a monthly carrier plan?

    • Rob says:

      Hi Luke:

      You could port your mobile number to Porting cost is $15.00 USD. It will cost $0.50 USD per month to leave it there. You can ‘forward’ it to your new Mexican number. It will cost about $0.04 USD per minute if it is ‘forwarded’ to a Mexican cell number or about $0.01 USD per minute if it is forwarded to a Mexican land line.

      If you do this, when you set up your Anveo account (free), do not select Canada or USA as your ‘country’ or you will be required to pay $1.20 USD per month for E911. Pick the U.K. as your country or where ever.

      When you return to Canada, port your cell number from Anveo to your new Canadian cell provider.

      Hope this helps,


  2. john says:

    I think if you port your local canada number to by paying a one-time fee (8.75) and you keep your number on a per minute basis but never use minutes – but how do you do that?

    then if you have google voice acct setup by rob you could use that free for local and long distance outgoing calls, although i’m not clear how you would set up an obi 202 to only use google voice. If you can forward google voice to your local number as i think it is possible, but that number would be with so you would be paying by the minute for receiving any calls dialed to your local number?

    a bit confusing

    • Rob says:


      This is very important: you CANNOT forward a Google Voice to a Canadian (or any non-US) phone number.

      You can can port your local Canadian number to on the ‘per-minute plan’ and then never use it for incoming or outgoing calls BUT what would be the point? It will cost you $0.85 USD per month. (for a Montreal number)

      If you have a Google Voice number and an Obi, when you setup your Obi through your ObiTalk account, you will be given the option to setup your Google Voice account – real simple. You then will be able to make calls to Canada & the US for free. But remember, your outgoing CallID number will be your Google Voice number – there is no way to change this.

      What are you trying to accomplish?


  3. john says:

    I understand its possible to keep current number in canada, is this possible with obi 202? Can you port your local montreal 514 number to a voip provider like

  4. John says:

    How does one obtain a US phone number ?

  5. Van says:

    Rob set up two Google Voice account for me. Had no issues and very easy to deal with. Will definitely recommend .

  6. nic says:

    Thanks Rob, you got me all set up qucikly and without issues. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone who wish to stop paying big $$$ to our greedy phone companies.

  7. Jack says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks again for setting me up with GV today. It works like a charm on my Obi 200. No more $60 Bell Canada bills. I’m happy to recommend you.

  8. martin says:

    Hey Rob, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent help. I was really confused with this whole process of setting up my number, and getting it to work with the texting option, and now, because of your tips, it’s all good! I appreciate it 🙂

  9. dominique says:

    Hi, can you setup canadian numbers trough google voice, i have a us number currently but would love ot have a canadian one in my home town, i could ditch my mobile plan for a data plan probably.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Dominique:

      No, Google Voice will not allow Canadian phone numbers to be used; USA phone numbers only. 🙁


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