How to setup a $2.80 Anveo Internet phone number, step-by-step…

On the web, people often mention that the Anveo website is confusing or intimidating - this is because the Anveo product is targeted towards businesses who wish to replace their entire phone system with a VoIP solution with a hosted PBX that has a zillion features.

Anveo also offers a great residential product – the problem is that both the 'simple residential product' and the 'fancy pants business product' are offered through the same website!

This tutorial will show you how simple it really is to set up an Anveo account and an Internet phone number for residential use.

To skip the 'Bla bla' stuff and get to the actual 'step-by-step' section, click here.

Why choose Anveo if the first place? Because, for very little money per month, you get the same high quality VoIP service that large businesses rely on for their 'must work' telephone systems. It is that simple.

How much will it cost? For purposes of this exercise, I will explain the two least expensive methods of using Anveo to replace a residential phone line. You can start with one of these two methods and then, depending on your actual usage, you can change (for free) to which ever method is best for you.

The 'Personal Unlimited' method will cost $2.80 USD per month for a telephone number, E911 and unlimited incoming calls - outgoing calls to Canada will cost $0.005 ( one half of one cent) per minute; $0.01 (one cent) per minute to the USA.

The 'Per Minute' method will cost $1.30 USD per month for a telephone number but you will pay for incoming minutes at a rate of $0.01 (one cent) Outgoing minutes to Canada & the US are as above.

Under either method, if you only plan to receive calls to your Anveo phone number and not make outgoing calls, deduct $0.80 per month for E911 which is only mandatory if you wish to make outgoing calls.

For Canadians, you can see that the monthly cost (based on zero to 3,000 minutes) will be between $0.80 and $17.80 – this because at around 250 incoming and outgoing minutes, it is cheaper to use the Personal Unlimited phone number plan.

An for Cad

For our American friends, the Anveo service will be slightly more expensive.

An for US

The only additional costs, not included in the above tables, are: (1) there is a one-time phone number set up fee of $2.00 USD & (2) the cost for incoming CallerID Name lookup which is $0.009 per incoming call, if the incoming phone number is not entered in your Anveo Phone Book as a Contact. The CallerID Name lookup service is optional. So, if you opt for this service and receive 100 calls per month (from people not in your Contact List), you will be charged an additional $0.90; 200 incoming calls will cost $1.80 and so on. (The above tables include the mandatory monthly charge (for Canadian or US residents) of  $0.80 for E911.)

For the "very frugal" among you, you can avoid paying the E911 monthly fee by simply selecting any country other than Canada or USA in the "Select your country of Residence" drop-down (See screen # 3 below) during your account set up process. You will still be able to get a Canadian or US phone number, regardless of "your country of residence".

NB: The above tables include taxes all taxes for Canadians and I assume it is the same for Americans. 🙂

There are also a number of options that you may want to use but you will pay a 'charge per use' for them, and, THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED if your goal is simply to replace your land line. It is the plethora of options, mostly aimed at businesses, that gives Anveo, and its' website, the reputation of being not user friendly, at least for the residential user. FORGET ABOUT THE OPTIONS, at least in the beginning.

Requirements to 'turf your land line' and to replace it with Anveo:

  1. A “Free” account with Anveo, and, an Anveo phone number.

  2. An “ATA” (Analog-Telephone-Adapter), or, a “Soft-phone” application running on your PC or cellphone. (I recommend ATA's manufactured by Obihai and suggest that you use a “Soft-phone” only if you wish to try VoIP before you buy an “ATA”.)

I will only deal with item # 1 above in this post – there are other posts on this blog (and the web) dealing with ATA's.

For clarification, a “Soft-phone” (software telephone) is a program that you download and install on your PC (available for Windows, Linux or Mac) or cellphone which allows you to make and receive phone calls as long as your PC or cellphone is running and you set it up with your Anveo account information. There are many free soft-phones available to you on the web, and, you can use one to test you Anveo phone number before you actually cancel your land line.

You can download & install Anveo's soft-phone for Windows, Linux or Mac PC's called: "Anveo Communicator" from here. After you have set up your account & phone number you can make calls from your PC.

The problem with soft-phones is that you will be 'tied' to your PC (and probably a headset with a microphone). An “ATA”, on the other hand, allows you to use your existing telephone(s) to make and receive calls. If you use a soft-phone on your cellphone, you will be tied to that but, "ain't we all anyway?" A cellphone soft-phone uses your data plan or WiFi.

(Boy, this post is sure getting long!)

There is one more thing that we need to discuss: do you obtain a new Anveo telephone number, or, do you 'port' (i.e. transfer to Anveo) your existing land line telephone number?

If you are not sure about turfing your land line and completely switching to VoIP, then getting a new phone number from Anveo is the way to go. This will allow you to try Anveo on an ATA or a soft-phone while still having the security blanket of your existing land line. If you have 'call forwarding' in your land line package, you can forward your existing phone number to your new Anveo number – this will allow you to experience the call quality of Anveo for both incoming & outgoing calls rather than only outgoing calls place from your ATA or soft-phone without having to give your new Anveo phone number to everyone.

Once you are satisfied with Anveo's quality, you can then 'port' your land line number to them and sever your costly land line.

If you 'port' your existing phone number to Anveo, upon completion of the porting process, your land line will no longer allow you to to make or receive calls. All calls to that phone number will be routed through Anveo to your ATA or soft-phone. (By the way, porting your phone number to Anveo MAY NOT automatically cancel your land line account with Bell Canada or Rogers or whomever – you may have to cancel your account directly with them. If you have other services like internet or TV attached to your land line, it is best to discuss your plans with your existing land line provider before porting your phone number - see my experience here.)

The process of setting up an Anveo account & phone number is the same for Canadians & Americans.

Summary of what we will be doing:

  1. Set up a “Free” Anveo account, which is the default.

  2. Add $20.00 USD in funds - this is the minimum that you can add.

  3. Set up Anveo E911

  4. Set up an Anveo telephone number.

  5. Configure the Anveo telephone number.


  1. Although setting up an Anveo account is free (Anveo calls it a 'Free Subscription Package'), you must make a minimum payment of $10.00, against future usage, to actually get a phone number and use it.

  2. All charges are in USD.

  3. You can cancel an Anveo Internet phone number any time after 3 months.

  4. Today, April 22 2015, there is a $2.00 set up fee charged for either phone number plan.

Although it may take you a year and a half to read through this tutorial, it will take you less than 10 minutes to actually do it on the web, if you don't dilly-dally. 🙂

Setting up an Anveo account is as simple as setting up any on-line account. The following 'screen-shots' show you what you can expect. You can click on any screen-shot to view a sharper image.

Here we go!”

Start by browsing to Anveo's home page, , and click on 'Create a new account'.

Screen 1:


Screen 2:


Screen 3: (Note: To avoid the mandatory E911 charge of $0.80 per month, you must NOT select Canada or USA as "your country of residence".)


Screen 4:


Screen 5:


Screen 6:


Screen 7:

You will receive an email at the address that you used during setup:


Screen 8:


Your Anveo account is now set up. You can't really do anything with it but it is now available for you to use in the future.

Assuming that you wish to set up an Anveo Internet phone number, click on 'Click to login' to:

  1. Add $20.00 USD to your account.
  2. Set up mandatory E-911
  3. Get an Anveo Internet phone number.

Screen 9:

Complete the required input and click 'Enter':


Screen 10:

Click on 'Add Funds':


Screen 11:

  1. Pick how you want to pay.
  2. Pay.
  3. You will not be 'taxed', the entire $20.00 will appear it your account!
  4. After you pay, you will have to wait for an Anveo email payment confirmation - this can take a long time, up to 8 hours. 🙁


Even though the 'Pay Now' button is in the 'PayPal' column, after you click 'Pay Now', you will have the option to pay by credit card:


Screen 12:


Screen 13:

You will receive an Anveo payment confirmation email once your payment has been processed.


Once you receive your payment confirmation, log back into your Anveo account.

(Note: You only need to pay for E911 if you plan to make 'outgoing' calls on your Anveo account. If you plan to install Google Voice on your OBi as well as Anveo, you could make all your outgoing calls, for free, by making them with Google Voice. Every OBi model can handle a minimum of two VoIP service providers (aka: SP1 & SP2, in Obi-speak) In this case, SP1 would be Anveo & SP2 would be Google Voice. When you pick up the receiver 'and just dial', your call will go out on Anveo. To call on Google Voice, you dial '**2' plus the phone number that you wish to reach. Simple!

The only issue with not subscribing to E911 is that the phone connected to the OBi will not be capable of placing calls to 911 - do you really want this limitation? E911 only costs $0.0263013698630137 USD per day.

If you do go for the whole "Anveo pop" of $2.80 USD per month, including E911, you call still make all your outgoing calls, other than to 911, using Google Voice, and pay zero for them.

This would be how you get a monthly phone bill of only $2.80 USD per month, period!)

Screen 14:

Now it is time to set up your mandatory E-911 information but, only if you selected Canada or USA as "your country of residence". Click 'Click here to configure'.

  1. E911 will cost you $0.80 per month.
  2. Without setting up E911, you cannot make outgoing calls but you can still receive incoming call on an Anveo Internet phone number.


Screen 15:


Screen 16:

Complete the form and click 'Save'.


Screen 17:

If you entered valid information, you will get this:


Now it is time to get your Anveo Internet phone number.

Screen 18:

Click on 'Phone Numbers' on the main Anveo menu:


And you will get,

Screen 19:


Click on 'Order a New phone Number' to get

Screen 20:

This where you will need to select for which country you want to have your Anveo Internet phone number. If you are planning to set up an ATA (or soft-phone) to set up a home phone, click on  'Canada'. (If you live elsewhere in the world, select your country). If you plan to use your Anveo number with your Google Voice account, your must click on 'United States' but remember, Google Voice is changing May 15, 2014.


By clicking on 'Canada' you will get

Screen 21:

This is where you pick your Province - I will click on Quebec:


Screen 22:

This is where you pick the city and area code for your new phone number. I'll click on 'Lachine - 514' because it is close to where I live.


Screen 23:

This is where you select how much you are going to pay for phone number set up and the monthly rate. For home use, I would recommend the 'Personal Unlimited' plan as there are no per minute charges for incoming calls. However, you can choose the $0.50 USD per month plan (but pay $0.01 USD per minute for incoming calls) if you wish. All plans now have a $2.00 set up fee.  After a month or so you can switch your plan, at no cost, depending upon your usage.

anveophone numbers

Screen 24:

Anveo10Screen 24:

Click 'Edit Phone Number Options' to do some final set up on your new phone number


Now we will set up this new phone number to do the following things:

  1. Set you Anveo number to be used by an ATA or soft-phone.
  2. Forward any incoming 'text messages' to a Canadian cell phone.
  3. Have Anveo lookup the caller ID of any incoming calls
  4. Pick the 'Anveo server' upon which your Anveo account will live.

Screen 25:

Click on 'Call Options'


Screen 26:

Here we will forward any incoming calls to your Anveo phone number to an ATA or soft-phone. Optionally, you can forward your calls to any other phone number, anywhere in the world. You can re-visit this page at any time to change where this phone number is forwarded to.

It is important for you to know that if you forward this Anveo phone number to a 'SIP/ATA connected to Anveo', like an Obi ATA, the forwarding is free. Not so, if you forward your Anveo  phone number to another phone. In that case, the 'forwarded call' will be treated as an 'outgoing call' from the Anveo  phone number, and, you will be charged for each minute of the call. The cost to forward a call to a Canadian number is $0.005 per minute; to a US number it costs $0.01 per minute.

Forward to an ATA or soft-phone:  (click 'Save' after changes)

AnveoATAScreen 27:

Forward 'text messages' to a Canadian cell phone: (optional) (click 'Save' after changes)

Note: This option will cost you $0.054 per text message forwarded.


Screen 28;

Set up Caller ID lookup (optional) (click 'Save' after changes)

Anveo Callid

Screen 29:

Pick a 'home' for your phone number:

Because we are in Canada, pick the Canadian server (PoP). If you live elsewhere, select the "Anveo PoP closest to you. PoP means: Point of Presence." (click 'Save' after changes)


To see all the services and options that are available to you on your 'Free Subscription Package', click on this link: You may opt for the 'Starter Subscription Package' for your home phone. This would give a number of interesting/useful services for $7.85 per month plus the $2.80 for you new phone number, bringing your monthly bill to around $10.65. You can switch to a different subscription at any time.

Just when you thought that it would never end, it's over!

If you plan to scrap your Bell/Rogers/Sasktel/BCTel (or whomever) land line and make the switch to VoIP, or even just try VoIP without scrapping your land line, you need to buy and set up an  ATA or soft-phone - this is the only way to save big bucks on your home phone. I recommend an Obi ATA because is easily connects your existing telephone to your Anveo account.

You can buy an Obi ATA from AcroVoice.  There, you can see exactly what it will cost to have an Obi delivered to your door, from a Canadian supplier. You might even review their offerings for a home phone - you don't have to do anything, they do it all for you.

Note: If I have offended you, in any way, by providing you with  my 'Anveo Referral Code', please accept my sincere apologies.

If you wish to change the outgoing CallerID (the number that people see when you call them) on your Anveo phone number to your home, office or cell phone number, see this post.

Additional notes:

  1. Anveo to Anveo calls are FREE.
  2. Calls to Anveo extensions are FREE.
  3. Calls from an Obi ATA to another Obi ATA are FREE and you don't even need a VoIP phone number - you just dial '**9' plus the Obi number found on the bottom of the Obi ATA that you wish to call. Example: Dial '**9 109 109 109' and the phone connected to the OBi with that OBi number will ring and you will be talking for free - even if that OBi is physically located on the moon!


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48 Responses to How to setup a $2.80 Anveo Internet phone number, step-by-step…

  1. Thank you from 2016. I joined today and used your code.

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  3. Jason says:

    Awesome, thanks for the tutorial. Used your code as a thanks. Cheers!

  4. Najib Chaudhry says:

    I have Anveo phone system in my home with CISCO box. This system is not working as before. When I dial a number I do not hear the dial tone from the other end, I used to hear before. I am not sure if the phone is ringing at called party.

    I would appreciate your help. Perhaps your CISCO box is not working.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Najib:

      When you say “CISCO box”, I do not know what you are talking about – is is an “analog-telephone-adapter”? If so, what exact model etc?


  5. My wife and I decided to spend three months this year in Yelapa, a small town near Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I like the place. You can only get there by water so there are no cars or trucks – only burros and ATV’s. Our place has all the creature comforts of home – including wifi.
    The challenge was how to stay in touch with friends and family back home in Canada. I always buy a local SIM card where ever I travel so I would have a local number which is useful while I’m there, but it’s cumbersome to call forward the home phone to the Mexican cell. Besides that, it would be incurring long distance charges. I wanted a seamless way to handle my calls that the callers wouldn’t even notice that the calls were being transferred.

    In previous visits I’d used Skype to call home, and friends who were familiar with it would see me online and skype me. The ideal situation would be to get a Vancouver Skype number and call forward my calls to it. Unfortunately Canadian regulation preclude Skype and Google from issuing Canadian phone numbers, so I would have to come up with another solution, so I turned to VOIP.

    I started researching the “best” VOIP company for my intended use. I was only going to be down in Mexico for three months, so I didn’t want to get involved with a yearly contract. Doing my research I came across this Website and Rob’s excellent tutorial for setting up an Anveo account. I printed out the tutorial and followed it carefully checking off each step and had no trouble setting it up.

    The next question was how to actually “use” the VOIP number. The usual method is to purchase some hardware like OBI or MagicBox or something similar that ports the number directly to a handset. The problem I had was that I was not certain if I would have physical access to the router. Often five or six rentals “share” a router and you access the internet by wifi. I assumed this would be the case in our new casa so a hardware solution might not work.

    A little exploration led me to find out that there are Android and Apple Apps that will let you access your VOIP account through your cell phone. Since it’s wifi, you don’t actually need a local SIM card to use it – just a reasonable wifi signal. I suggest that download the app and test it, you take your local SIM card out of the phone so you’re not accidentally charged roaming fees by your carrier.

    I’m using a Galaxy S4 phone on the Bell system. I downloaded several free apps and tried them. Several them only worked one way. That is, I could hear the person on the other end of the line, but they couldn’t hear me. I finally found CSipSImple that worked fine. I did a “little” tweaking with it and have had no complaints about the call quality.

    You can put a minimum of ten dollars in the ANVEO account. I went with the cheapest plan (see Rob’s tutorial) . I wasn’t sure how much I’d be using so I stuck 20 dollars into the account. After three months I still have $16.00 left.

    What I did was call forward my home phone and cell to the new Canadian ANVEO number I was issued. So when people call my home or cell they’re seamlessly transferred to Mexico. ANVEO comes with fee voice mail, so if I’m not around it goes to voice mail and sends me an email that I have a message.

    In the end I did have a router in the house, but I found my cell phone works so well I don’t think I’d purchase an OBI or MAGICBOX next time.

    I still purchased a local SIM card for about ten dollars and put two or three dollars of time on it – just in case of emergency if I don’t have access to Wifi. One thing to keep in mind is that with TELCEL –it’s a use it or lose it deal with your minutes. If you don’t use them within two weeks they disappear. If you add to them (say another two dollars) you get the total amount for another two weeks. I haven’t needed my cell phone at all for three months.

    So if you’re traveling for a protracted amount of time you might want to consider the VOIP/cell phone as a solution.

    You can check out my travel blog at

  6. Ben says:

    Hi Rob,
    I am currently with CallCentric but have become unhappy with their service as they have not been able to resolve my problem with placing/receiving calls from Mauritius. The other annoying occurrence is having my account debited each time even though the calls are not completed or received. These problems were not encountered with calls to the UK or US. I therefore considered Anveo but was put off by the reports of how difficult it is to use. Your guide proved prompted me to give them a try and was helpful in getting me through the initial setup. I did have some problems with establishing the initial contact with Anveo but eventually sorted them out. I incorporated your referral code on signing up with Anveo as a thank you.

    I am now able to place and receive calls from Mauritius. Great improvement! One issue though, call recipients there and in the US are experiencing echoes as they speak. Recipients in the UK reported poor call quality. Do you have any advice how to resolve these issues? I am using Cisco SPA112 ATA.

    Sorry of the long post but wanted to convey the problems that I encountered in case they are useful to others.

    Thanks again,

    • Rob says:

      Hi Ben:
      Thank you for using my referral code.
      I am not a guru in this area; I just try to help where my experiences are useful.
      For your issues, I HIGHLY recommend that you post it on the DSL Reports forum – the people there are super qualified to deal with technical issues like this.
      I am not trying to ‘duck’ your problem – I’m just not qualified to help.
      The web site is: You need to set up an account to post – it is free.

      BTW, Anveo has one of the best reputations for ‘call quality’ and reliability in the VoIP world. My quess is that your problem is either an ATA setting or, unfortunately, a internet quality issue related to your modem/router or your ISP – I am certain that the people at DSL Reports will be able to help you determine exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.


  7. Cory Flicker says:

    I have a question regarding recording calls.
    Can you record incoming calls without upgrading to a business account?

    I have out going calls recording but don’t see an option for recording incoming. A google search only shows business accounts being able to do this.
    Any thoughts on this?

    • Rob says:

      Hi Cory:

      I am not an ‘Anveo Expert’ – like you, I am learning as I go.

      Can you not just dial ‘**’ during any conversation to start recording?

      For highly qualified help, post your question at:

      The people there are great.


      P.S. I believe that you are charged extra when you use the recording feature.

  8. HI:
    Excellent tutorial, but I’m having problems setting up the voicemail. I’m using the program just on my computer using the communicator program. I’ve tried everything. But all it does is ring and ring. Any ideas (step bystep) how to set up the voicemail???

  9. Cory Flicker says:

    never mind the previous post I sorted it out, had to forward ports in my router.

    Thanks for a great guide to cheap and easy VOIP

  10. Cory Flicker says:

    I just signed up for the service and set my Linksys SPA 2102 using a tutorial from DSLreports.

    I do not have dial tone on my phone and under my Anveo dashboard is say ATA device is not connected.
    Clicking “how to connect” brings me to a new gui with user and password but gives no reason why I’m not connected.
    I have used the correct user name and password but still nothing happens.
    Is my device ( Linksys SPA 2102) not supported? Please say it is not the case.

  11. Daryl says:

    I have a iphone 4S and I’m now out of my contract paying month to month with Telus.
    I want to continue to use my current cell phone number.
    I want to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls to/from my current phone number.
    I understand this will only work when my iphone is connected to wifi.

    If I understand your article correctly I can do this by:

    1. Installing a SIP app on my iphone (CSipSimple, Zoiper, SIPdroid etc)
    2. Setting up an account with anveo and transferring/porting my phone number to them.
    3. Am I missing some steps?

    • Rob says:

      No, I do not believe that you are missing any steps.

      If you have any problems, just post them here and I will do my best to help you.


  12. unsavory agents flip says:

    At one house where I setup family on my account there is horrific isp ‘router’ modem kludge. For this I use voipMS subaccount as IAX2

    How can one use IAX2 with anveo? _without_ my own local/cloud PBX

  13. unsavory agents flip says:

    I primarily use I have e911 setup there for line 1 on all our SPA525G

    One is NOT legally required to have e911 on every DID from every ITSP

    How would you recommend I not-pay e911 to anveo but also have an anveo account and several DID?

  14. I delight in, cause I found exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  15. Cary Swoveland says:

    I found your article very helpful, but do have a couple of questions. I’m in Victoria and have been using Anveo and Google Voice with an Obi100 for a couple of years. I heard about the May 15, 14 date for the termination of Google Voice in Canada, but didn’t get around to doing anything about it. It is now September and I can still place outgoing calls. Q1: Has Google changed its plans to terminate the service in Canada? My second question has to do with my Anveo configuration. The service works fine except callers using caller ID see our phone number as some number in California. I’d like to change that to show our actual number, and have asked Anveo about that a couple of times, but can’t figure out how to do it. Q2: Can you tell me how to do that? If it’s related, after reading your article, I just change the Anveo server from the one in the US to the one in Canada (Montreal),.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Cary:
      Google Voice was not going to terminate Google Voice in Canada – Google said that it was going to stop using XMPP communication protocol. The XMPP protocol is used by Google “Chat” which is then used by Google “Voice” for VoIP services. If you recall, when you initially set up your Obi, you had to install Google Chat on your Gmail account and make one call. Next you had to enable “Chat”, in your Google Voice account. If you did not do these things, your OBI could not place calls through Google Voice.

      Google Voice has never, except for a couple of months, allowed Canadian phone numbers to be registered in Google Voice. Google Voice is really a ‘US only’ service and is still not available to Canadians.

      There is no way to change your outgoing callerID if you initiate the call from Google Voice, period. Your Google Voice number will always appear. I assume this will change if GV is ever offered in Canada.

      Changing the Anveo server will not help – the outgoing callerid will be your Google Voice phone number.

      Obi has just annouced that Google Voice is now officially supported, see

      I have not yet seen any announcement that Google will not stop using XMPP, so, I guess using GV on our Obi’s – forever – is still a question mark.


  16. Giuseppe (Joe) Trinci says:

    Hi there,
    I have no land line, I have a smart phone, unblocked,my service contract has expired for a while, but I am paying month by month, I can cancel at anytime and the phone number in mine.
    What I would like to know is: if I join anveo, will I still need a data plan? I would like to save that amount, please inform.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Joe:
      To use Anveo, or any other such company on a smart phone, you must be able to connect to the internet by either Wi-Fi or a data plan. You will also need a SIP app installed on you phone such as CSipSimple, Zoiper, SIPdroid etc.

  17. cristina says:

    will anveo work with Linksys?

  18. a says:

    Greetings! I’ve been following your website for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give
    you a shout out from Porter Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!

  19. Giuseppe (Joe) Trinci says:

    I do not have a landline, only a cellphone, can I join google voice?

    • Rob says:

      Hi Joe:

      I’m not sure I understand what you are asking but, if you are asking if you can use a cellphone phone number as a phone number to which Google Voice will forward calls, the answer is ‘yes’, but only if your cellphone number is a US phone number.

      Please explain what you are trying to do.



  20. Shay says:

    Thanks for this guide! I signed up and it was a breeze. Your guide gave me the confidence that despite the complex look, Anveo wasn’t complex for a basic phone number. The headache of figuring out whom to switch to coming from Google Voice was resolved. Thanks for making your referral code available so I could use it to express my appreciation.

  21. Hello,
    Do u know a simple set up from obi 110 box which I am using for GV? AND how much to call overseas such as India on Aveco


  22. Steve says:

    Great article. Newcomers to Anveo should stick with and avoid the web site as it will just confuse things.

    Also note that has a reseller interface that people can use to setup accounts for family and friends.

  23. Richard says:


    Thanks for the information. While I didn’t stumble across what I needed , I did find enough information to finally get the issue resolved.

    For those who might find themselves in a similar boat …

    I only needed a single SP configuration for both of my Anveo needs; and the pesky 500 error was caused by a typo on the anveo site. I had meant to block all calls that exceeded 1 cent per minute ($.01); but had inadvertently added an additional 0 ($.001)


  24. Richard says:

    I am making the transition away from GV, and have a problem placing outgoing calls .

    I am using a Obi202 and I have purchased a phone number from anveo, and signed up for the personal unlimited plan.

    Whenever I attempt to place a call, other than 933 to test 911, I get a “500” error. I have tried configuring my E911 service and phone services as two separate SP’s and by combining the services into one SP. As far as ObiTalk and and the Anveo web are concerned – both configurations are valid – yet neither will make an outgoing call other than 933.

    Thanks, in advance,


    • Rob says:

      Hi Richard:
      I can’t be of much help with this issue.
      Perhaps you could try a reset of the Obi and start over again.
      If this doesn’t work, the only place I know of where you can get help for Obi’s is on the ObiTalk forums – Post the firmware version & “OutboundCallRoute and InboundCallRoute rules” plus Digitmaps.
      Sorry that I cannot be of more help.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Richard:


      There are some really brilliant people lurking there – they have helped me alot.


  25. Doug says:

    I just bought an OBi200 , I don’t have a landline and i’ve read all about using googlevoice (requires a US # and an undetermined wait time) .
    I registered with Anveo (using your referral), as of now I have not set up Personal plan yet.

    The instructions above assume that outgoing calls will go through googlevoice, which is not my intention … i thought i could use Anveo. I feel like i am missing something, can you provide some advice on how to proceed before i spend more $ ?

    • Rob says:

      Hi Doug:

      It is good that your intention is not to use Google Voice because as of May 15, 2014 the Obi’s will not work with GV, without a ‘work-around’.

      My greatest fear, when reading your post, is that your high speed internet might be supplied by – I assume it is ‘satellite’. VoIP does not ‘play nice’ with satellite. It is not an upload/download speed issue, it is that there are too many ‘legs’ in a satellite connection, resulting in excessive ‘jitter’, and that, results in poor voice quality. I don’t know if you ran a VoIP quality test on your connection or not. I tried xplornet at my cottage and had to switch to Groupe-Access internet, which is not satellite.

      To make and recieve calls on Anveo, you need to get a phone number from them. See: On both the “Per Minute” or “Personal Unlimited” plans you will pay for outgoing calls based on their “Call Rates, see: Incoming calls are free under the “Personal Unlimited” plan but are $0.01 per minute on their “Per Minute” plan.

      To use Anveo, to make calls on your Obi, you must set up your Anveo account through the ObiTalk web page. Once your device is registered with ObiTalk, you just double-click on it (under: “My Obi Endpionts”) which will bring you to the “Device Configuration” page. There you complete the top part & save; then move on to the “Configure Voice Service Providers (SP)”. Just click on the gear icon beside a service provider line and select ‘Anveo’ from the popup list. Just complete the Anveo set up and save. That should do it.


      Edit: BTW, Obi to Obi calls are always free – just dial **9 plus your friends Obi number. Each Obi has it’s own number on the bottom of the ATA.

      • Sam K says:

        Hi Rob, thanks for the brilliant article! You mentioned that after May 15, 2014 GV will not work without a workaround. Any idea what that workaround will be? Will there be a way that I can use my Obi device and GV number for free?


        • Rob says:

          Hi Sam:

          I am not expert in this area but I have read that:

          For incoming calls:
          You can get a free IPKall number ( and then set up your Obi with its’ SIP credentials. Then you forward your calls to the IPKALL number and the phone attached to the Obi will ring.

          For outgoing calls:
          It seems that they only way to do this is to utilize the ‘Google Voice Callback’ feature and that you can do this by using Sipsorcery: (

          I don’t know if you can still get a free account at Sipsorcery.

          It seems that, for outgoing calls, the best thing to do is to get a VoIP service and to spoof your Caller ID with your Google Voice number, if using the GV number is important to you.

          Vestalink ( seems to be getting a lot of attension for doing this as it is really inexpensive.

          Maybe the time has come to ‘port out’ GV phone numbers to real VoIP service suppliers.

  26. Micheline says:

    My family every time say that I am wasting my time here
    at net, except I know I am getting know-how all the time by reading such good articles.

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