Download your Obi Call History

To out-load the CallHistory from your Obi, you must access your Obi through your web browser. To do this, you must get you Obi’s IP address. To do this, pick up the phone attached to your Obi and dial:  ***1 Write down the IP address given.

Open your browser and enter the IP address – this will take you to the Obi’s sign-in screen. Enter ‘admin’ as both the username & password.

In the page that opens, click ‘Status’ (on the left) then click ‘Call History’. Then click on download or save file. This will download a file called: ‘CallHistory.xml’ to your PC.

Now, download my ObiCallHistoryToTabFile.exe file from my Download page.

and place it into the same directory as is the CallHistory.xml file.

Double-click on the ObiCallHistoryToTabFile.exe file and it will create an new file called: ‘CallHistory.txt’ which is a Tab-Delimited text file.

Now open your spreadsheet program (I use LibreOffice Calc), go to File -> Open and navigate to the directory where your Callhistory.txt file is living and click on it.

I get this:


Note that I have selected “Tab” as the Separator option and have selected “Detect special numbers”. Then click “OK’

You get something like this:


Now you need to add a column and a formula to calculate elapse call time:


The formula is: k2 – b2. Copy the formula down to all the rows.

Now you need to format this column as ‘Time’ – MM:SS.00 (zero zero) like this:

4After clicking “OK’, your column should look like this:


Well, that’s it.

You can download my whole Lazarus/Pascal program from my DropBox here.

I am not a real-life programmer but this program seems to work.

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