Forward your Google Voice number to any phone number, anywhere in the world…

This is not a ‘free’ solution but it can be useful if you will be staying in another country for awhile. Google Voice will not allow you to enter a non-US ‘forwarding’ number but you can get around this limitation by using a VoIP phone number to do your ‘forwarding’.  It is not very expensive either, depending…

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Voxox – Another free way to use Google Voice callback (Voice+) on your android…

Voxox is no longer free, plus, a Voxox number may not work on Google Voice. (2017)

The credit for this method goes to ‘cherry bim’ and his post to Howard Forums.

This will allow you to forward, for free, your Google Voice phone number to any Canadian phone number – we’re going to use it to forward calls to a cell phone.

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Google Voice ‘403’ loophole has been closed!

For the past few days I have been unable to use Google Voice Call Back (‘Voice+) on my Android – it seems that the ‘403’ loophole has been closed.

The  loophole was that Google Voice, accidentally or on purpose, allowed phone numbers with a ‘403’ area code to be entered as one of your phone numbers on their site. Now, they absolutely require that you enter a phone number that has a US area code. Too bad because my FreePhoneLine 403 number was, well, free!

A non-free way around this can be found in this post:

Not really that expensive when you consider the amount of minutes you save for both local & long-distance calls.