Change outgoing CallerID number on Anveo.

Once you have set up your Anveo account and telephone number, you will notice that the outgoing Caller ID (what people see on their phone when you call them) is your Anveo phone number. You may wish to change this information, here’s how…


Say that, when you call people, you want them to see your Google Voice phone number or your cell phone number instead of your Anveo phone number. This is called Caller Id spoofing.

You might like to do this while you are evaluating your Obi vs your regular telephone line: forward your regular phone line to your Anveo phone number and change your outgoing CallerID on your Anveo phone number to your regular phone number. This way you can test the call quality of both incoming & outgoing calls and anyone you call will see your regular CallerID on their phone.


Here are the steps to accomplish this for your Anveo telephone number.


Log into your Anveo account and click on ‘Open Account Preferences‘:




Now click on ‘Custom CallerID Numbers‘:




Add the ‘Title’, ‘Country’ and ‘Phone Number’ for the number you wish to use and then click ‘UPDATE‘:



You will notice that your number is ‘Unverified‘. Click on the ‘Verify‘ button and you will see this page:


Read the information and then click ‘Continue‘ to see:




The nice lady at Anveo will call you at the phone number that you wish to verify and ask you to enter the ‘Confirmation code’ that is displayed; dial it in and she will tell you that your phone number has been verified.


Once the number has been verified, click ‘back’ on your browser until you see the following page and click on ‘SIP Device Registration‘:




On the page that displays, click on the drop-down called ‘Outbound CallerID and select whichever number you want sent out – then click ‘UPDATE.




Test by calling your cell phone or a friend.


Please note: With Anveo, it seems that ‘changes’ may take some time to ‘solidify’. Just make sure that you made the changes correctly, and, most importantly, that you click ‘Save’ or ‘Update’ on each page that you have modified.

Then, give your changes time to take, up to 24 hours.


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12 Responses to Change outgoing CallerID number on Anveo.

  1. Adam Greenberg says:

    I would like to use google voice for my outgoing calls rather than anveo with my obihai200 because it is cheaper/free. I’d like for my anveo number to be displayed as the outgoing callerid so that people I am calling know that it is me. Not that it is relevant, but my google voice number comes through as unknown which results in calls being screened. I don’t want my google voice number/unknown to be the one that is displayed. Is this possible?

  2. Chad says:

    Thanks for this info – if I wanted to flip this scenario around, now wanted to use Google Voice as the primary outgoing line (for free outgoing calls), but still use the Anveo number as the outgoing CallerID, is this possible?

    • Rob says:

      Hi Chad:
      Nope, I don’t think so. The outgoing call would originate from your Google Voice account and, if it does that, the outgoing callerID will be your Google Voice phone number.
      Just curious why it is important to you that people don’t see your Google Voice number?

  3. Tim says:


    Any idea on how to pass the star code “*02” (SIP Dial Prefix) through to Anveo if on a Obi device?



  4. Tom Westheimer says:

    When changing my CallerID to GV number and then calling my GV number to get voicemails it goes no where? All other calling and CallerID works as expected?

    • Rob says:

      Hi Tom:
      To clarify, “All other calling and CallerID works as expected?” – the question mark is a typo, right?

      I will try to find out what the problem is but right now, I do not know.


  5. Andrew says:

    Not working for me. Followed all the steps (number verified, selected as the outbound caller ID number in SIP Device Registration , but whenever I make an outgoing call, it shows up as UNKNOWN.

    I even reset my obi110 to factory default, but still i’m UNKNOWN calling out.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Andrew:

      Is the area code for the Anveo telephone number Canadian or US?


      • Rob says:

        Andrew notified me that the issue that he was having was an iPhone issue and not an Anveo issue. 🙂

        The outgoing CallerID that he has chosen is correct on other people’s phones that he calls.


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