TeamViewer – Remote set up of an Obi ATA.

Once you have learned how to set up an OBI ATA to save yourself big money on your telephone bill, it is only natural for you to want to share this knowledge with your friends and family – use TeamViewer to help them set up their OBI…

TeamViewer is a free program that you download and install on two PC’s. TeamViewer allows your PC to connect, over the Internet, to another PC,  giving you complete ‘remote control’ over it. Once the two PC’s are connected, you can do a complete OBI ATA set up, from your PC, for a distant person.

Here are the steps:

  1. Each person needs to down load and install TeamViewer on their PC.
  2. You use TeamViewer to connect to their PC.
  3. They physically attach the ATA to their router/modem.
  4. They physically attach a phone to the OBI ATA.
  5. They physically plug in the power to the OBI ATA.
  6. You, on their PC, “register/create” an ObiTalk account for them at
  7. You do all the account set up and tell them to dial ***5 on the phone attached to the OBI when you reach that point.
  8. You complete the set up as you did for yourself.

TeamViewer allows the people sitting at the two PC’s to hear & talk to each other while it is running! Just turn on the sound through the TeamViewer menus.

You can down load TeamViewer here. It’s a great little tool to have!

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